It’s about 10.7-million real people.

Mak Mao is the Chief Administrator for the educational campus in Siem Reap.  “I grew up in a small village in Takeo Province, south of Phnom Penh.  My family, all of my aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters support the rural need to cultivate and harvest rice – a staple in our diets – and tend to small gardens of vegetables along with an assortment of chickens, ducks, pigs and cows or water buffalo.  We lived ‘hand-to-mouth,’ each day seeking to maintain healthy diets and good health.  My mother died in her early-40’s due to medical complications and two of my lifelong girl friends from my homeland village died in 2016 during childbirth, along with their babies.  Losing mothers and grieving for lost babies thoroughly disrupts the natural rhythms of families and always forces the family to take at least one step backwards towards acute poverty.  Even then, we were happy by accepting life’s challenges and releasing life’s burdens.  With the help of The Community’s Green Connection Center, my brother and sister-in-law started a successful store in my homeland village, my father installed solar power for use in his home, and together my father and brother have installed a deep agricultural well for use in a combination of fish ponds and traditional rice farming.  Vertical aquaponics gardens will be added over time.”


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