It’s about rural poverty.


The CEO has the responsibility to ensure every aspect of The Community is working efficiently. He balances managing the day-to-day operations while leading strategic development initiatives required for long-term sustainability of the NGO.  Areas of responsibility include:

  • Delivering the best quality support to Khmer villages
  • Complying with Cambodia’s related policies, processes and procedures
  • Creating a positive and productive servant leader culture
  • Providing the highest ethical behavior as a person and professional
  • Setting and following standards resulting in operational excellence
  • Hiring, training, coaching and retaining qualified staff
  • Implementing procedures and policies for all clients
  • Developing relationships, partnerships and consortia involving outside organizations
  • Completing grant solicitation proposals to assist in funding The Community
  • Conducting fund raising campaigns to assist in funding The Community
  • Deliver strong financial performance

The CEO is the top administrator in The Community.


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