It’s about community health.

Health & Wellbeing represents the best and possibly only comprehensive pathway from poverty for chronically-poor Khmer living in the rural reaches of Cambodia.  “Raising a child involves the entire village.  Raising the Khmer villages requires the helping hands and compassionate hearts of world partners.”           

Russ Martin 



As part of the The Community's model, Health:  Pathway from Poverty, we developed the Green Connection Center, as regional training and demonstration sites for Khmer villagers to come and see, feel and experiment with a variety of health-based, wellbeing-oriented changes that can occur within their villages to better understand the realities of health and its linkages to poverty.  In essence, the Green Connection Centers are Health Literacy centers, a forum for engaged learning to raise the level of individual-, family-, and village-Health Literacy.  In Cambodia, change comes slowly - and rarely with mental efforts alone, as Khmer feel life and integrate everything into their spirit of living.  This is The Khmer Way.

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