It’s about living in the moment.


The Community for Khmer Villages is known as ‘The Community.’  As a community of employees, partners, volunteers and Cambodians-in-need, it empowers us to live ‘engaged’ everyday, realizing all of life is connected at an intimate level.  It encourages us to interact with life as servant-leaders, serving first, and leading through our service.  

The Community exposes us to an unique cultural immersion – to Khmer people, their culture, their spirit world, their history and their challenges. Our most fulfilling moments are often in the eye of a situational storm – seeking balance and harmony amid everyday life — but this is welcomed, as the Khmer well know, that ‘everyday life leads to awareness, awareness to discernment, discernment to transition, transition to transformation, transformation to self-actualization.’  

Our community goal is to live life fully in the smallest moment possible, ‘being our bliss’ and feeling the essence of contribution to another human being, especially when we are creating and nurturing.  The two life passions of The Community are contributing to the health and wellbeing of all people and helping both Khmer and servant leaders reach their fullest potentials.

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