It’s about Khmer babies.

The Community

  • Collaborates with international partners to increase health and wellness in remote villages
  • Recruits candidates for certification as health literacy experts, through its educational partners, specializing in community health to assist district and provincial health clinics and hospitals
  • Assists pregnant mothers and families with newborns in nutrition and everyday health and wellness issues
  • Builds 'health literacy' capacities of Khmer villagers
  • Assists non-Khmer health and education volunteers, interns and sabbatical participants to work in health clinics and hospitals, as well as in Cambodian government schools in remote villages, and ‘Green Connection Centers’

The sustainable path from poverty for rural Khmer is paved by the combination of health and education.  It is greatly influenced by the living, working and recreating environments of the Khmer families.  Focus areas involve ‘environmental health’ including food security, environmental safety, water purity, human waste disposal, renewable energies, and economic security of each family. 

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