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"Always ask yourself:  'What is the purpose of my life?'  

It's a great starting point, before you journey

down your chosen path."







Today’s sharpest business leaders don’t want to spend their life solely creating shareholder value.  That’s not their purpose in life.  They want to stand for something that matters, to be ‘moving the needle’ on important social social.  Creating ‘enduring value,’ not just for an entity’s shareholdrs, but for all of society’s stakeholders, requires leaders to reconsider how they do business, whether it’s the business of commerce, education or government.  These leaders focus on creating win-win outcomes that strengthen society, as well as satisfy their entity’s internal motives.  They do so by reaching out to serve broader constituencies – by being attentive to long-term societal impacts.  This warrants envisioning and reshaping ‘potentialities.’  It is the vision of creating shared value by squarely facing social responsibilities.  It is the promise of a new social contract, creating better social outcomes.  Most individuals, organizations and commercial enterprises actually deliver social benefit, not in a charitable way, but through the actual core business in which they operate.  The key is to be an actively engaged partner in addressing social challenges, becoming full participants in setting the contours of the public debate, by putting society’s concerns at the center of strategies.  Only by making ‘social issues strategic’ can we hope to harness all the best capabilities of people and the corporate, educational, social and government sectors.  

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