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Omprakash, a U.S. tax-exempt, non-profit organization registered under section 501c3 of the Internal Revenue Code, Tax ID# 20-8655418.   All   fund-raising and grant awards of The Community are managed through Omprakash.   Its vetting process was rigorous, thorough and reassuring.

Omprakash facilitates relationships, dialogue and learning between and among social change agents.  By forging connections within its network, Omprakash practices servant leadership, thereby moving citizens of the world towards an awareness of the human community from which we are indivisible and within which we can enact change.  This process helps its diverse partners, like The Community, amplify their impact as change agents. It empowers everyone involved to become more critically conscious participants in processes of social transformation.

All donations to The Community through Omprakash are tax-deductible for citizens of the United States.

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