It’s about access to rural healthcare.

Overall, we find considerable international evidence that education is strongly linked to health and to determinants of health such as health behaviors, risky contexts and preventative service use.  Moreover, we find that a substantial element of this effect is causal.  Education does not act on health in isolation from other factors.  Income is another very important factor that interacts in many important ways with education as influences on health.  

This makes it hard to assess their independent effects.  Research and investigations often find the effect of education on health is at least as great as the effect of income.  Those with more years of schooling tend to have better health and well-being and healthier behaviors.  It is an important mechanism for enhancing the health and well-being of individuals because it reduces the need for health care, the associated costs of dependence, lost earnings and human suffering.  It also helps promote and sustain healthy lifestyles and positive choices, supporting and nurturing human development, human relationships and personal, family and community well-being.   

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