It’s about rural capacity-building.

The Green Connection Center (GCC) is a demonstration and proof-of-concept laboratory providing a transformative, flexible means for Khmer villages to use and understand sustainable technologies from sophisticated to simplified, from expensive to economical, from integrated to individualized – plus, receive tailored hands-on experience with green technologies and obtain assistance in the funding a village application.  GCC builds human capacities, improves health literacy and provides avenues for increased family incomes and reduced expenses.

GCC’s design incorporates cost savings design elements of Habitat for Humanity Cambodia.  It is modular in design and can be expanded or contracted based upon a village’s needs.  The goal is for every regional hub to have a GCC located on its premises.  All GCC-classes, including room, board, and tuition are offered to village inter-generational students at $1 USD/daily.  GCC curricula cover the complete spectrum of ‘living green’ and ‘building green,’ from renewable energy to disposal of human waste, from water conservation to water quality.  

Members of a chronically-poor, multi-generational village family are the care-takers of the model site, are participants in the teaching processes with Khmer villagers, and provide an authentic understanding of each green component within the Model.  



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