It’s about shared value.



A ’consortium’ is an association of two or more individuals, companies, organizations or governments (or any combination) with the objective of participating in common activities or pooling joint resources for achieving a common goal.  Once core members have established the framework and identity of the Consortium, it serves as an organizational accordion structure, flexibly expanding with additional pertinent members to meet the changing needs of the community it serves – then contracts when the need has been met.  

With its flexible structure, and complementary and supplementary characteristics, it provides service leadership that none of the participating entities can deliver on their own.  Because it has the ability to cooperate in areas of strength rather than weakness, it is often delivers intermediate-term sustainable transformations of between 5-10 years in a far superior manner than approaches taken by government-sponsored and single, independent institutions.  Above all else, the ideal consortium is based on an understanding that organizational change in response to community shifts necessitates flexibility, long-range planning, and adequate resources among equal partners.  


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