It’s about living, growing and building green.


The rural path is different than the urban journey for Cambodians.  Time-honored customs, village behaviors, life circumstances, the rural culture, limited resources, environmental insecurity, stunted education, high illiteracy rates and low-health literacy levels all suggest a unique direction for the chronically-poor Khmer in villages.

VillageHL is holistic by nature; reflective of one’s living environments; inclusive of one’s body, mind and spirit; and involves the surrounding physical conditions intrinsic to living, working and recreational environments.  HL-expertise is a Health & Wellbeing approach not only as an awareness and attentiveness tool, but more a way of living, working and recreating naturally and unconsciously.  The Health Literacy Advisor facilitates the transition management challenges required to provide sustainable, personal HL-enlightenment and HL-engagement, such as encouraging and funding selective needs in order to change unhealthy environments and unreasonable individual actions into a living program of integrated health.

Environmental safety.  For the majority of Khmer living in isolated villages, lurking in pooled water sources and deeper well waters are potentially dangerous mixtures of human and animal waste, metals and toxins, diluted lead-based paints, and old or full-strength medicines.  Submerged in the land are a variety of harmful materials from discarded rubbish containing leaching toxins to undetected landmines and unexploded bombs from 1969-1999.  Cambodia continues to lead all countries as the most heavily mined, as a life-threatening source of daily challenges in the villages for working farmers, children and livestock.

At the same time, every challenge in the environment can be addressed, step-by-step, and be wholly met with forward-moving small steps and the assistance of governmental agencies, non-governmental organizations, and institutions of higher education, philanthropists and volunteers.

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