It’s about choices.

Strateic Initiative #1

2018 Green Connection Center© programs feature food security, water purity, nutritional improvements, proper human waste treatment and the use of renewable energies at the family level within pilot villages. 

Why?  The average age of Khmer is one of the youngest in the world, with over-50% under 30-years.  50 children under-five die every day, mainly due to preventable diseases and treatable illnesses, such as pneumonia and diarrhea. 36% of children below 5-years of age are under-weight raised on diets lacking necessary micro-nutrients, affecting brain development and weakening the growth of vital organs.  One in five will not live to see their 40th birthday.

Strategic Initiative #2

The unique certified Health Literacy Advisor© program is modeled after the highly successful Promotora model.  Promotora health workers come from the villages in which they serve and are highly successful in the rural reaches of Mexico, Central and South American countries, and used widely throughout in the southwestern states of the U.S.  Most of the health issues within healthy life styles and good wellness practices involve water purity:  as a hydration mechanism, cleansing medium, cooking supplement, growing environment and cleasing of wounds and open sores.  The first chapter in the HLA program is to increase the health literacy of families regarding water - in personal lives, family settings, working environments and recreactional sites.


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