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FISH is the collective term for Water, Fish and Agriculture - the backbone to healthier lives in Khmer villages.  Due to their interdependent nature, these three core issues are grouped together to represent a focused program.  While each is a separate field of work, each is also dependent on the presence of the other, using synergy between fish ponds and vertical aquaponics farms.  For example, with clean water, fish are free of contaminants.  The waste within the healthy fish growing environment becomes the continual food system for the vegetables and fruits of the vertical farm.  Renewable energies, solar (primary) and wind (secondary), are incorporated to power water pumps, pond aerators, and water filters.  All three areas in FISH support and strengthen one another.  If one is missing, the others cannot progress.


Conservation of Healthy Water

The Community's work improving water sources as growing media for providing sustainable healthy food sources, especially vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals currently missing from family diets in the villages.


Sustainable Fishing

The Community ensures access to recycling water sources, free of human and animal waste, contaminants and fertilizers from agricultural runoff within its growing environments.  Its approach uses vertical space as a complementary agricultural environment, with no soil, a natural and constant supply of fish waste as plant food, while piloting three test growing media for plants - all readily available within villages:  rice hulls, plastic bottle caps, coconut fibers.  Categories of fish, either black fish tolerant of darker water or white fish requiring clearer water, are considered for ideal growing environments.


Sustainable Agriculture

The Community's approach to vertical aquaponics farming addresses healthy fruits and vegetables and their particular characteristics of needing either high-nurtients from the fish farms or low-nutrients as a food source.  These categories are illustrated in the sustainable agriculture graphics. 




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