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CARE is an acronym for Communes Adopting Renewable Energies.  The Cambodian government is empowering access to energy to rural communities by providing the public grid to a larger share of the population.  With this blessing also comes an incremental and appropriate cost – the payment for the use of the public grid. 

By integrating renewable energies at the household level, the following incremental benefits to families can be realized without the corollary incremental costs, especially for chronically-poor families:  access to refrigeration to curtail the growth of bacteria, small water heaters to provide immediate hot water for daily hygienic applications, and cooking either with electric sources leveraging renewable energies or through gases generated from the families bio-digester used in the disposal of human waste. 

Modern Healthcare interventions and costs are targeted on remediation, rather than prevention













Prevention - at the center of Village Health & Wellness

The Community necessities, not conveniences, to the Khmer villages when installing renewable energies.  Refrigeration prevents illness and disease.  Hot water promotes cleanliness and proper hygiene while reducing or preventing bacteria growth.  Cooking without charcoal residues and smoke inhalation protects lungs and internal organs, as well as a person’s skin resiliency.

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