It's about Water Wells

Single Mother of Five


“My story is simply a story of survival.  I know many, many families who are very similar. 

I was blessed to meet Charles Kollerer, a visitor from America, who asked me in October 2018:  “What do you want most for your children?”  I was surprised when the words jumped from my heart before I could complete one thought.  ‘Safe water and a proper toilet.’  I was not embarrassed, except by the speed of my answer.  The words flew from my heart and escaped from my mouth, unchecked. 

The logical answer could also include numerous other needy circumstances:  beds, as my family always sleeps on the floor; nutritious foods, as sometimes a full stomach is not a healthy stomach; a modest but steady income, to pay for medicines when needed, food that is nutritious, and clothes for my children and supplies for their school.  The list is long, for me and for many mothers like me.  But, I stand by my heart’s answer:  ‘…water and toilet...’  These are life’s basics, for my children and for me.

My health is very important, as there is no backup for me.  If I am sick with no money, my heart aches, since during these periods my children’s well-being suffers greatly.  We are a strong and close family, even though we are very poor by Cambodian-standards, like many single-parents in my village. 

The combined kindness of the Community for Khmer Villages and the Cambodian Community Dream Organization brings tears to my eyes, as my children are healthier because these NGOs dared to care. 

I can only offer the genuineness of ‘…thank you, Charles, for your October donation.  You were a stranger thirty-days ago; but you have personally improved my family’s health and well-being, for a lifetime - in such a short amount of time.’  This is my story.”

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