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Early Childhood Development.  This involves the development of children on four levels:  physical, psychological, mental and social between the ages of two and five years.  This village capacity would function as a combined daycare center and preschool learning center with activities which are essential parts of every child’s development.  The proposed name is Khvean Early Childhood Development Center, a place where babies, toddlers and young children learn and develop through appropriate educational and social activities, preparing each child for successful and rewarding attendance at a government primary school.

Families Lacking Abundance.  There are four critical areas of action for improving the welfare of those living amid extreme poverty.[1]

  • Family support systemsChildren are the future.  Ensuring poor parents are free of parenting to work part-time or full-time, without risking their children’s health, wellbeing and education is a tremendous societal asset when the support systems are located within the village.
  • Education and asset-building for poor families.  This involves expanding existing programs, as well as creating new programs particularly for poorest families.
  • Alleviation of remoteness.  This addresses access to markets, health care and education for those rural villages, thinking creatively about how to improve access to life-supporting services such as commune-specific van systems, with village-to-village scheduling.
  • Assets of poor familiesResearch shows that catastrophic events in lifetime of a household, such as war, death of wage earner or health crises causes a family to fall deeper into poverty and has persistent effects.  Social protection and innovations for poor families has sustainable effects on all family members. 


Facility [Open Date:  Year 2021]  

To open, equip, staff and manage a fully-functioning free nursery and kindergarten school for up to twenty five children who live in Khvean Village

Services [Facility Hours, Two Shifts:  structured 0700-1130 hours; organized play 1300-1630 hours] 

To assist families whose parents earn less than five dollars per day

To provide high-quality early childhood development program for the poorest children in the age group of two to five years living in Khvean Village

To provide innovatively supportive services helping poorer families increase options of increasing the family’s levels of abundance

Prototype Facility [2021]

To provide a proof-of-concept approach for Khvean Early Childhood Development Center

To provide early childhood development in four areas – exercise is integrated into all four:

  • Physical Health:  clean air, potable water, proper nutrition, personal safety, ample sleep
  • Psychological Wellbeing:  self-confidence, self-esteem, encouragement, reinforcement
  • Mental Capacities:  sensory and motor skills; memory and imagination; time and space
  • Social Integration:  belonging, games, tasks, child and adult integration, private time

Expansion Facilities [after 2021]

To publish evidence based analysis of this proof of concept approach

To provide leadership in opening additional Early Childhood Development Centers within Sangkat Kouk Chak to assist needy parents and provide early childhood development services to children

[1] International Food Research Policy Institute, “The World’s Most Deprived Most Deprived Characteristics and Causes of Extreme Poverty and Hunger

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