Community Health Workers

This community health workers program is unique to Cambodia.  Rural Cambodia can greatly benefit from Health Literacy Advisors. 

Health in the villages can be advanced by culturally appropriate improvements in health education, disease prevention, expansions of family economics, creation of healthier environments; and, most importantly, the extension of healthspans.  The proposal advocates for the certification of two teams of Health Literacy Advisors from Khvien Village, providing Sangkat Kouk Chak with six HLAs to meet operational goals, healthcare practices and research in rural best practices in the field of practical Health Literacy. 

Together these two three-person teams will participate in a [1] six-month certification process in literacy, [2] a two-year pilot program evaluating their collective and collaborative effects on the levels of health and wellbeing within the own villages, and [3] a six-month summative project evaluation in partnership with the Ministry of Health; the Ministry of Interior; and the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.  The intent of the pilot project, if successful, is to expand this model through all villages within Sangkat Kouk Chak to achieve: improvements in healthcare outcomes, prevention of diseases, expansions of family health literacy, and increase in village quality of life.

The Community for Khmer Villages would manage the logistical and provide operational components of the pilot program.  The Health Literacy Advisors work where they live, recruited from their own village to support family, friends, and neighbors – who share a common village life.  The scope of the proposal must align with Cambodia’s Sustainable Development Goals and yield evidence-based results to be evaluated by a project-independent, highly qualified resource.

Approval of this program would mutually require endorsements from the Ministry of Health; Ministry of Interior; Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports; and Ministry of Interior as well as participating villages, communes, districts and Siem Reap provincial leaders.  All participants will be Cambodian citizens and will receive a stipend for their contributions throughout their participation in the pilot program.

The Community for Khmer Villages [CKV] offers to the Ministry of Health a perpetual, unlimited license to use and an unrestricted license to modify all materials associated with the Health Literacy Advisors program.  The HLA certification curriculum has been developed by CKV, a Cambodian NGO.  It is a Trailblazer Project of the Global Health Literacy Academy in Denmark, refer  Dr. Kristine Sorensen, world-renown for her contributions in the field of Health Literacy and founder of GHLA, has agreed to participate as a partner of this endeavor.  Women International Leaders [WIL] sponsored The Community for Khmer Villages to Develop Certified Women Health Literacy Advisors for rural Cambodia, refer

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