Field Guide

Certified Health Literacy Advisor Program

Three-Year, Small-Scale Research Project

Siem Reap Province Khvien Village / Sangkat Kouk Chak

Welcome to the Rural Health Field Guide, part of the Medical Advocacy and Outreach [MAO] program designed and developed by the Community for Khmer Villages.  The MAO Program is the scaffolding supporting this recommended three-year, small-scale research project.  The Field Guide compiles existing, emerging and evolving best practices and resources to support rural communities seeking to shape a stable, qualified community health worker program and integrated health programs across Cambodian villages.

The Medical Advocacy and Outreach Program is the vision of Mak Mao, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of the NGO.   It contains practical strategies that can help rural communities build successful community health worker programs improving timely access to healthcare, developing practical rural health literacy while reducing poverty and increasing abundance.  Extending the healthspan or rural Khmer is the underlying principle of The MAO Program.  In particular, it focuses on existing programs that have successfully provided rural community healthcare services. It offers definitive guidance for implementation, evaluation, dissemination, and sustainability.

Updated:  July 2020




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