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Review the program and core competencies of Health Literacy Advisors [HLAs] certification program with The Community’s HLA.  Each of the sections below contains the following:

  • Explanatory and definitional materials
  • Detailed syllabi covering goals, objectives, competencies, components and mapping to the model
  • Detailed teacher guides, including guidance and references for instructors
  • Detailed student guides, paralleling the materials within the teacher guide
  • Active MS/PowerPoint slides with transitions and animations
  • Static MS/PowerPoint slides for replication purposes

          HLA Learning Library

Chapter One.  The Development Guide

Chapter Two.  HLA Communications

Chapter Three.  HLA Advocacy and Outreach

Chapter Four.  HLA Leadership

Chapter Five.  HLA Teaching and Learning

Chapter Six.  HLA Capacity Building

Chapter Seven.  HLA Healthcare Coordination

Chapter Eight.  HLA Organization Skills

Chapter Nine.  HLA Health and Wellbeing Topics

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