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The Medical Advocacy and Outreach [MAO] Program involves linking immediate medical attention by the HLA within the village and the available medical facilities and healthcare professionals in the province, at all levels.  It will effectively eliminate undiagnosed emergencies that are costly and poorly staffed in off-hours.  This will reduce healthcare costs, as many emergency visits may prove to be unnecessary.  In addition, it will provide a record of pre-screening encounters during preceding home visits by the HLA.  This information may provide invaluable to higher level healthcare personnel and facilities.  << Click on each title for access

  • HLA Advocacy Syllabus
  • HLA Advocacy Active Presentation Slides [for class presentations]
  • HLA Advocacy Static Presentation Slides [for duplication]
  • HLA Advocacy Teacher Guide
  • HLA Advocacy Student Guide

File size too large to post on website:  for class presentations, please contact Russ Martin to obtain MS/PPT slides with transitions and animations at r[email protected]

File Size too large to post on website:  for master slides used in replication of class materials using MS/PPT format on a static basis, please contact r[email protected]





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