HLA Certification

Certified Health Literacy Advisor Program

HLA Health Literacy Capacity Building



Most health observers seek to extend a person's lifespan, which is an age-old and admirable goal. 

The importance is to extend the lifespan on a healthy basis, raising one's quality of life. 

In effect, this requires extending healthspan which requires prevention of diseases, unhealthy lifestyles and risky environments, an increase in health literacy, and access to healthcare, when needed.




It is the strong belief of The Community for Khmer Villages that health literacy is as important and possibly more important life variable than reading, writing and math skills.  This does not discount the importance of speaking, listening, writing, reading and baseline mathematics.  If only emphasizes the importance of being knowledgeable in the areas of human needs [clean air, safe water, food security, safe and secure shelters, and sleep security].  Equally, The MAO program stresses the importance of the eight sources of abundance which assist in maintaining an above-average quality of life within villages [emotional stability, environmental safety, educational access, economic wherewithal, physical health, social support, spiritual abundance, and vocational opportunities].  << Click on each title for access

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