It’s about an average age of 21.6-years.

Child mortality levels in Cambodia remain high by regional standards.  An estimated 50 children under five die daily of preventable and treatable diseases.  The ability to address newborn survival is of extreme importance for Khmer mothers in villages.  Cambodia’s maternal mortality rates identify nearly 1,700 mothers dying unnecessarily every year, negatively impacting family stability and surviving children whose mothers die.  Malnutrition is the cause for one-third of child deaths.  Major drivers of poor nutrition in young children are inadequate complementary feeding practices, poor hygiene and high prevalence of diseases.

There is a widespread shortage of skilled health personnel, particularly midwives; insufficient supply of some essential drugs and equipment; and weak communication and referral among various levels of care.  Malnutrition can be seen in almost every remote Khmer village.  Roughly 40 percent of children age five and under are too small for their age; 28 percent are underweight; and 11 percent of children are wasted (thin).  Cambodian women are equally susceptible to malnutrition, with 20 percent of women between ages 15-49 considered clinically too thin.   >>Read More

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